Chicago Notes, part 1


I recently took a trip to Chicago and saw several improv shows at iO, where I trained & played. I brought a pen. These are the things I wrote down, as written, while watching the shows.

12/27 – The Armando Diaz Experience

No hesitation

Info, + INSTANT REACTION, all presented/contained in same move/line

= Solid

a HULK-STRONG premise can be enough
-gives your good friends/comrades a chance to Riff
– [the example that prompted this note was a 3-person  scene in which, in the first line, one improviser set two chairs facing stage left and stood behind them, and then in a German accent told his partners he was the] World’s most powerful clairvoyant, but his powers can only work if he rests his penis on your shoulder.  Noah Gregoropoulos & Brett Lyons, sitting in the chairs, then killed it with him for like 5 minutes just reacting to this situation, riffing.
– this = Simple scenes. Premise + Life & Riffing within it [the premise]

12/28:   A Raptor, Neapolitan, & Dart @8:00

A Raptor
first 2 lines of the first scene:
“There it is, the Gold!”
“I always thought by the time we found it, we’d have something more between us.”
Genius! -Second- line gives all the relationship and momentum they need

The best guy [in this show, but yeah, also, always] is never even aware of the possibility of judging. He’s in it, the whole show, & is also keeping it simple, & is also not missing any of his partners’ offers

cont’d in part 2


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