Feed the mouth that bites you

As the improviser, feed the mouth that bites you.

It’s a friendly bite, a puppy nipping you to say “Look at me. Me! It’s me, I’m the one! I’m FUN!

Other ways of putting this:

If your partner pinches you, give an ouch — and then turn your character’s other cheek, probably without seeming to mean to do it. And then in the meantime, fatten and juicen and load that cheek -either overtly, or secretly under the surface so that only you know it’s happening- so that the next time your partner pinches, the ouch will be heightened beautifully in a way that thrills the audience, your team, & yourself, and moves the scene forward and upwards at an efficient, well-timed, no-time-wasted rate.

You’ve been told that if your partner’s character tells you not to do something, they just became the big red “Do Not Press” button, and it is always your job to press that button. That is correct.
Make sure, then, that when you are that Button, you flash and shine and coyly beg, as enticingly as you can, to be pressed . And, in the meantime, keep hooking up more nuclear missiles, fire alarms, monkey clown brigades, etc., to that button. Bc if we think we know what’s going to happen when it’s pressed, you don’t want to let us be right for too long.
And the scene and and the moves within it can always use more energy.


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