Quotes: Big Daddy Kane

“If you know like I know, instead of messing around
Play like Roy Rogers and sllloowww down.”

    — Big Daddy Kane, “Ain’t No Half Steppin'”


Pretty straightforward. Slow down.

Time is dilated when you’re on stage. One second feels like five. Five seconds feels like 25. Six seconds feels like an eternity.

So we rush to fill what feels like a cavernous silence – and fill it with nonsense.

Nonsense that then gets in the way.

Slow down. Let this moment have its moment. When it’s done, the next moment will show up – and you won’t have to manufacture it. It’ll be there already.


One thought on “Quotes: Big Daddy Kane

  1. […] thank you to whoever scheduled the entire Lower School to come tramping into the Cathedral just as Geoff and I were spying about. You sure helped us give Otto a laugh…albeit an embarrassed […]

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