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Nick Offerman

“I always call performing live “giving the people the medicine,” because when you’re engaged in it, you can feel the sort of soul magic being exchanged between the performer and the audience—exactly what Aristotle was talking about in his Poetics—and you’re giving them medicine and they’re giving it back to you in a cathartic way, with any luck. That’s still what really drives me.”

-Nick Offerman

Students, veterans, performers of all vintages, if this doesn’t ring a bell, hang in there. Keep working. Keep growing. Keep performing. Stay open. At some point this will happen, and you’ll never again be in serious danger of permanently giving up performing.

Because this is what it’s for. This is what it’s about. And once you’ve served the on-stage half of that function, you’ll always want to keep doing your part to make sure it keeps happening.

When it does happen, you might not even exactly spot it at first. You’ll feel something. You might just think that that was an especially good show. But as it happens more often, you’ll realize that there’s something more than just quality of content setting those connected times apart from the others. And if you’re like a lot of us, you’ll get a little mystical about it. And if you’re like Mr. Offerman, you’ll know that that’s right and feel free to proselytize. Feel compelled to, even. Don’t worry. Anyone you turn off wasn’t the one who needed to be told.

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What a wonderful man.


Quotes: Arthur C. Clarke

“How much of this, Jan wondered, had Karellen planned, and how much was masterful improvisation?”

– Arthur C. Clarke, “Childhood’s End”

When it goes well, we’re all Karellen and the audience is Jan.

When it goes really well, Karellen himself starts to wonder.

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Quotes: Robert Jordan II

“It was easier to be brave, he discovered, when someone needed your protection.”

— Robert Jordan, “The Eye of the World”

Part of how improv brings those low on self-confidence out of themselves, in the moment, is by placing them on stage, in crisis, in a situation where they need to help take care of another person who is counting on them.

Like the petite Mom who lifts a car off of her daughter’s leg, the shy, hiding person suddenly stands up tall, projects his voice, and embodies the world’s most flamboyant mad scientist. He would never do it alone, on his own behalf — but he’ll do it when it’s what his comrade, and their shared project, needs.

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Quotes: Robert Jordan

“Sheepherder! You talk, when you should be listening.”

       – Robert Jordan, “The Wheel of Time”