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I swear on my toe surgery scar that I will keep this updated when there are changes.

Last updated: 3/12/14


You can see me perform:

Hemlock– Every alternating Thursday with my musical improv team, Hemlock, at 8pm at the PIT. $8. I personally recommend this show very, very, very highly.

Fake Church – The show of my heart. An improvised religious service of an improvised religion. The audience tells us what we are the Fake Church of that day, and we discover a religion based around that suggestion while we also discover its typical weekly service. More info at fakechurch.net


You can work with me:

In the Pit’s Level 2 Class:  Scenework.  I’m slowing down my teaching pace to free up time for auditioning, but I will teach a Level 2 from time to time. Classes with the Pit’s excellent, dedicated teachers open up every few weeks, so keep an eye out and let’s do this. You can also email classes@thepit-nyc.com and they’ll let you know when my next class opens for registration.


I coach teams of various sizes all the time. Email me at grimwood.geoff at gmail and let’s talk times. This is my primary instructional focus at the moment.

Theater Tech

I also happen to be an award-nominated theater tech for anything from solo shows to full-on plays, from tiny black boxes to giant grammar school theaters.
I’m not doing very much tech these days, but if your show’s really something special, and could really benefit from having a seasoned stage performer up in the booth, email me at grimwood.geoff at gmail and let’s see what we can do.

Last updated: 9/06/13

past shows, not currently happening

Occasional (monthly-ish) shows of The Improvised Exorcism of Lucas Hazlett, at the PIT.

THEM – Every alternating Thursday with my musical improv team, THEM, at 8pm at the PIT. $5. I personally recommend this show very, very, very highly. We are currently a 3-person team performing improvised opera, and one thoughtful eccentric I know has told me she might attend these shows instead of church. Speaking of which,


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