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Quotes: Arthur C. Clarke

“How much of this, Jan wondered, had Karellen planned, and how much was masterful improvisation?”

– Arthur C. Clarke, “Childhood’s End”

When it goes well, we’re all Karellen and the audience is Jan.

When it goes really well, Karellen himself starts to wonder.

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Quotes: Robert Jordan II

“It was easier to be brave, he discovered, when someone needed your protection.”

— Robert Jordan, “The Eye of the World”

Part of how improv brings those low on self-confidence out of themselves, in the moment, is by placing them on stage, in crisis, in a situation where they need to help take care of another person who is counting on them.

Like the petite Mom who lifts a car off of her daughter’s leg, the shy, hiding person suddenly stands up tall, projects his voice, and embodies the world’s most flamboyant mad scientist. He would never do it alone, on his own behalf — but he’ll do it when it’s what his comrade, and their shared project, needs.

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